What is an Unevent you ask?


We are glad you asked for 2016 we invite you to stay home in your PJs, in front of your own tv, eating your own popcorn instead walking, soliciting donations, organizing, volunteering and attending our brick and mortar event.  Instead,  send us a check while wearing your fuzzy bunny slippers.

Here is a list of the things you won’t and don’t have to do to support Rebecca’s Gift.


Just because I love what you do and want to support Rebecca’s Gift



So I don’t have to help spread the word with flyers and invites



For the time and energy I would have put into trying to schedule to come to the event



For my Sunday afternoon off to read the paper…who am I kidding, to play Candy Crush and troll facebook.



For time off from beating the pavement, making phone calls and sending emails to solicit donations for the silent auction. (Thank you so much to everyone who did, don’t worry we know who you are and will totally ask again for help.)



For leaving my fancy grown up clothes and uncomfortable shoes in the closet, avoiding rubber chicken and keeping my dancing to myself.



For all the stuff I would have won in the silent auction that I still haven’t used/found a place in my house for from the last silent auction I attended.



For keeping me from buying silent auctions items I don’t need.



For not guilting my friends into sitting at the table I sponsored.



Forget my name!



Just take my money already.